Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why I'm Letting my AoC Sub Lapse...

An empty battlefield between Tortage and Khitai
People have been saying AoC is going to die since it launched.  At some point, it's even outlived at least one of the games that were supposed to kill it (Warhammer Online).  It's natural that an MMO that doesn't continue to expand will eventually close down.  Evolve or die.  Age of Conan is dying and I have a weird mix of fatalism, apathy, and sorrow about it.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Comparing Some Dungeon Crawler Board Games

In 2015 there were a lot of fantasy based dungeon crawlers on Kickstarter.  I was just getting into hobby board gaming and has just gone a little crazy on Monolith's Conan and late pledged a few of these games looking for something to occupy my time around the time my son was born.  One of my favorite things in Age of Conan, and fantasy in general, is being immersed in a world.  As a fan of Robert E. Howard, AoC was my favorite MMO both for its fun combat but also for the great stories and the characters you meet.  I was looking for more stories and interesting characters in the board game medium.  I was looking for that RPG in a box and looking for something with solo play since I don't have a dedicated game group anymore due to life.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Monolith Conan Expansions

Over a year ago two Kickstarter  campaigns featured the artwork, and in one case, the music of Age of Conan.  They were Monolith's Conan board game and the other was Modiphius' Robert E. Howard's Conan RPG.

Monday, October 12, 2015

What Class Should I Play?

"What class should I play?" is a pretty common question on the forums and in-game, as players try to find what fits them the best.  "Play what you like best" is a pretty typical response. 

To help someone decide, I've made two flow charts, the first uses the roles to take you down to a class and the second takes the attack type of a class to narrow it down to a class.  I've arbitrarily color coded Tanks as gray, healers as light blue, rogues as dark blue, and mages as yellow.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shadows of Cimmeria, Er, I mean Vanaheim

 This is a delayed posting copying what I wrote on the forums.


The new fort or someone who used Atzel's interior designer
If you are a regular reader of the forums you probably have an idea of how the Age of Conan community feels about the first "new" content (quest zones) since Dragonspine in 2013.

If you don't here's a summary: infuriated and underwhelmed.  It's been a while since I've seen multiple threads get to 15+ pages.  It's also weird to see almost everyone agree on anything. 

The furious portion of this was due to the implied nature that this content, while permanent, was part of the Age of Conan anniversary celebration. Instead it was pat content. 3000 Funcom points for the collectors edition and 1800 (or so) for the regular.  Subscribers save 10% in these values. Many of the subscribers, including myself, are wondering why am I paying for a sub when I have to buy new content?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Achievements I'd Like to Eventually See

Update 4.5 brought Age of Conan into 2009 with Achievements.  The Blonde Myth of Aquilonia has a nice write up of the implementation and why it's good for AoC. I agree on both of his main points that this is good for veterans (and new players) while also acknowledging that this won't propel Age of Conan into the WoW-sphere in terms of  game population.

This post is to list ideas for future Achievements that I think would be good to implement.  As I've had about 6 hours on the new system so far, some of these may already be in the game but hidden from view or something I missed as I had my barbarian binge drinking in Tortage like a college student on spring break.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Solo Farming Rares

Someone on the forums had said farming solo instances like Refuge of the Apostate, Isle of the Iron Statues, Forgotten City (Unchained), and Dead Man's Hand (Unchained) for rares was full retard.  I respectfully disagree.  Doing Nightmare Bubbles would be full retard.  Solo farming for rares is just partial retard and everybody knows you never go full retard.  And having done it to get the Children of Yag shield, the Hyrkanian Chest and necklace (on different toons), it is also very tedious.

When I wrote the guide to Dead Man's Hand's main quest line, I ran the instance 18 times to get an idea of how much gold, Esteem Tokens, etc. would be gained.  Dead Man's Hand, while fun, is the most time consuming of these solo instances but each one, if completing the quests in them, takes around 25-40 minutes (although I know people can do them faster if just going for the rares).